Irish News of Interest - June 2019


§      Twenty-four years after the killing of six soccer fans in Northern Ireland in Height's Bar in Loughinisland, County Down in June 1994, there has been a major development.    In September 2018, two journalists were arrested by the Belfast Police for stealing secret information after they identified the murderers in the movie "No Stone Unturned."  

§      Milwaukee Irish Fest (August 15-18) will feature the vibrant music of Galway.

§      Inflazone is a Dublin drug company that has developed a drug that cures Parkinson disease.  The Michael J. Fox Foundation provided $1 million for Parkinson research.  Human trials will begin in November 2019.

§     WOW Air has ceased operations.  An announcement was made in the middle of the night.  Hundreds of passengers were left stranded.  WOW is an Icelandic discount airline.

§      Donegal airport has been selected as the most scenic airport landing in the world for the second year in a row.

§     The 1980s was a period of high unemployment and mass emigration in Ireland.  The country relied on tourism to sustain the economy.

§      Nancy Pelosi is leading a push for a new visa deal.  There is a bill to introduce more E-3 visas in 2019.

§      In the 1960s, the bishop of Cashel issued a pastoral letter to improve the moral welfare of his flock. No dances were to be held on Saturday nights, eves of holy days, Christmas night or during Lent.

§      Kevin O'Malley served as US Ambassador to Ireland from 2014 to 2017.  He spoke at the 2018 Daniel O'Connell Lecture in Dublin on November 28, 2018.  

§      The remains of a long boat have been discovered in the River Boyne.  It has been dated to 3000 BC.  It is the eleventh long boat found in the river and is the oldest.

§      Ireland is set to increase its spending on tourism by 20% to $51 million.  It will launch a global campaign using the motto "Fill Your Heart with Ireland" focusing on US, UK, France and Germany.

§     Frederick Douglas met Daniel O'Connell after hearing him speak at a meeting in Conciliation Hall in 1845. Douglas had been advised to flee from England and to go to Ireland to avoid slave catchers.  O'Connell was a well-known for his anti-slavery position.

§     Joshua Davison, age 6, is thought to be the youngest person to climb Morocco's highest mountain, Mount Toubkalo.  Davison is a native of Killarney, County Kerry.  He became interested in mountain climbing when his family lived in Nepal.

§     Brexit draft agreement calls for the UK to exit the European Union by October 31.  Northern Ireland is expected to vote against the agreement which contains 585 pages.  UK flights will not be allowed to enter Irish airspace if a hard border is approved.

§      Researchers feel certain that a colony of Irish were living in what is now South Carolina prior to Columbus' voyage in 1492.  Carved rocks were discovered near the Etowah River similar to those in western Ireland. 

  §   Irish archaeologists have made a major discovery revealing a 5500-year-old passage tomb cemetery in County
               Meath.  Two burial chambers were covered by a large stone measuring 131 feet in diameter. 

§      Pilots have reported seeing UFOs off the coast of County Kerry.  The Irish Aviation Authority is conducting an investigation.  Five sightings have been reported.