Irish News of Interest - August 2017

§      Michael Collins was assassinated on August 22, 1922 - 95 years ago.

§      There are documentary records of 9,724 shipwrecks around the coast of Ireland.

§      Lee Varadkar is the new prime minister of Ireland.  He is the son of an immigrant from India.  He is the youngest to become prime minister at 38.  He is also the first gay leader of the country.

§      Liam Neeson from Northern Ireland is starring in the new movie "The Silent Man" which tells the story of "Deep Throat" (Mark Felt) who was the anonymous source which led to the Watergate scandal.  The movie is set for release later in 2017.

§      Daniel O'Donnell began his new US tour (Back Home Again) on May 16 with a show in Boston.  O’Donnell is the first to have a record on the UK charts for 30 consecutive years.  He will be appearing at the Crystal Grand Theater in Wisconsin Dells on March 2 & 3, 2018.

§      A Galway mosque was attacked and vandalized by rock throwing during Ramadan on June 6 as revenge for the London ISIS attack.  The attack took place as the community gathered for evening prayers.

§     The following are summer festivals in Ireland:  The Clare Music Festival in Ennis on August 13-21; Dingle Trad Fest in County Kerry on September 8-10; Taste of Donegal on August 25-27; Midleton Food Fest in County Cork on September 3-10; Galway Oyster Fest on September 22-24; Dublin Big Grill Fest on August 17-20.

§      The child of Irish actor Donal Logue has gone missing.  His son Jade is 16 and he went missing on June 26 from the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.  The NYPD confirmed that it is a missing person case.

§      Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, visited Ireland in early July.  It is his first trip to Ireland since he visited with his father.  Canada and the European Union concluded a free trade agreement.

§      John Deasy of Waterford has been appointed as a special envoy to the U.S. to work on the issue of undocumented Irish.  He will work with the Irish Embassy in Washington.  Deasy will look after the interests of the undocumented Irish and lobby for immigration reform.

§     Anne Anderson, Ireland's first female ambassador to the U.S., left her post on June 27.  She arrived in the U.S. in 2013 after serving as ambassador to the United Nations, France, Monaco and the European Union.

§      The story of Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary) will be told in a new TV series starring Elizabeth Moss.  Mary was an Irish immigrant who spread the disease across New York.  She lived out her life on an island.

§      Gavin Hennigan from Galway rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  He left the Canary Islands on December 14 and spent 49 days rowing before reaching Antigua.  He had to endure tropical storms and sweltering heat.

§   Toronto is honoring Dr. George Grasett for his compassion and aid for the Famine Irish emigrants.  Over 38,000 Irish arrived in Toronto in 1847 at a time when the city's population was only 20,000.  Dr. Grasett dedicated his life to caring for the needy.  He died in 1847 at the age of 36 of typhus.

§      A documentary called "The Keepers" was released by Netflix in May 2017.  It tells the story of a murder of Sister Catherine in 1970 in Baltimore.  A priest thought to be the murderer fled to Ireland in 1995.  The film was shown in a seven-part series. 

§   Guinness is planning to open a brewery in Baltimore, Maryland in late 2017.  Guinness is investing $50 million in the project which will include a visitor center.

§      Joyce Kilmer was a prominent poet in America.  Kilmer wrote a stirring poem entitled "Easter Week" about the 1916 Revolt.  He had an affection for everything Irish.  Little was known in America about the Irish problem but the writings of Kilmer illustrated the issue for Americans and stirred Irish nationalism.