Irish Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of Ireland by taking the
Irish Trivia Quiz. Answers at the bottom of page.

1. Name the actor who played Father Flanagan in
the movie "Boys Town"?

2. Name the two that played the leading roles in
the movie "The Quiet Man"?

3. Name the person who was born in County
Wexford, served in the Continental Navy
during the American Revolution and became
known as the "Father of the American Navy"?

4. Name the author of the novel "Ulysses"?

5. Name the Irish saint who is believed to have
visited America 1000 years before Columbus?

6. What are the "12 Bens" which are located in
Connemara, County Galway?

7. What is the name of the movie starring Tom
Cruise and Nicole Kidman about Irish
immigration to the U.S.?

8. Name the New York school teacher who wrote
"Angels's Ashes"?

9. What was the name given to the Irish
immigrants who fought with the Mexican Army
against the U.S. in the Mexican-American War?

10. Name the Irish poet whose headstone contains
the inscription "Cast a cold Eye, On Life, On
Death. Horseman, pass by".

1. Spencer Tracy. 2. John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara. 3. John Barry. 4. James Joyce. 5. St. Brendan.
6. Mountain Range. 7. Far and Away. 8. Frank McCourt. 9. San Patricios. 10. William Butler Yeats.