About Us

There are appoximently three hundred thousand individuals in Wisconsin that can claim to be decendants of the Emerald Isle. Forty-three million in the United States.

The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin is an organization that meets to celebrate all things Irish.

The Dane County chapter of this club's purpose is to bring about the association of individuals of Irish descent or relationship of those with a sincere interest in Irish culture for the purpose of conducting social, educational and benevolent activities of all kinds, including conducting meetings, forums and research into Irish culture, presentation of Irish culture to the community at large, promoting travel to Ireland and the pursuit of cultural advancement of the Irish through cooperative means, with local government and institutional organizations.

We hold an annual Christmas celebration and picnic. And, don't forget the grandest day of the year, St. Patrick's Day, when we raise the flag of Ireland. Be sure to check for the schedule for this great celebration.

The Shamrock Club is an excellent place to obtain information on a trip to Ireland or information on how to look for your Irish roots.

We are always looking for new members and welcome anyone interested in Ireland and anything Irish.